Batistini Farms Limited Edition Holiday Collection Italian Balsamic Vinegars from Italy 100% Cooked Grape Must Organic All Natural No added Sugars Winston Salem NC


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Piano No. 5 Balsamic may be a little guy, but is mighty in taste. After years of aging in traditional wood barrels, this balsamic composes of 100% cooked grape must of Trebbiano grapes. In Italian, "piano" translates to the adjectives of slowly, softly, and quietly. Our Batistini Farms Piano Balsamic Collection represents the highest quality of artisan balsamic vinegars, that is slowly handcrafted through years of dedication and artistry. 

No Additives, No Colors, Gluten Free, No Sulfites

1.7 FL OZ (50 mL)

Piano No. 5 Balsamic is an impeccable hostess gift, stocking stuffer, Thanksgiving treat, and Christmas gift.