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Truffle Olive Oil Grilled Cheese

Bringing it back to the simpler times...with a twist!
Become the master chef and choose your own favorite bread and cheese! 
(we mixed parmesan and white cheddar on sourdough)
Then, simply grill your grilled cheese sandwiches on top of your stove on medium heat. Pour Batistini Farms Truffle Olive Oil in the pan first, and again before you switch sides of the sandwich.
We just paired our grilled cheese with a simple vegetable soup, which consisted of our Batistini Farms dried herbs, Batistini Farms Organic Ginger Olive Oil, fennel seeds, salt pepper, diced tomatoes, vegetable stock, chicken broth, green beans, diced potatoes, and sliced carrots. 
So yummy, and warming for the cold weather ahead of us!
Batistini Farms Truffle Olive Oil Grilled Cheese