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Organic Healing Vegetable Soup

Batistini Farms Gut Cleansing Healthy Organic Healing Vegetable Soup Recipe

It's officially spring, so take advantage of this simple soup that is easy to digest for late night dinners, gut cleansing, and all around tasty!


5 cups of Organic Chicken Broth

3 tbsp of Batistini Farms Apple Vinegar

3 tbsp of Batistini Farms Organic Ginger Olive Oil

2-3 celery stalks, sliced

2-3 carrots, sliced

1 large zucchini, sliced

2-3 tomatoes, sliced in quarters

Juice of 1 lemon

1 tbsp fennel seeds

1 clove of garlic

2 shallots, sliced

1-2 tsp of cumin

1-2 tsp of curry powder

1 tsp of Himalayan salt

1 tsp of black pepper

optional: baby kale


Pour about 1 tsp of Batistini Farms Ginger Olive Oil into a pot over medium heat. Add garlic and shallots. Once turned slightly brown and sautéed, add tomatoes. Allow to cook 1-2 minutes. 

Add in 2 cups of organic chicken broth, and turn heat up to medium high on stove. Add remaining vegetables (celery, carrots, zucchini, lemon juice). Allow to boil for 4-5 minutes. Add in Batistini Farms Apple Vinegar, and remaining Batistini Farms Organic Ginger Olive Oil. Allow to simmer 1-2 minutes. 

Add in remaining 3 cups of organic chicken broth, along with all spices. 

Allow soup to simmer for 12-15 minutes. 

Add in baby kale, and serve!