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Olive Oil Harvest 2017

The highlights of Batistini Farms' Olive Oil Harvest 2017:

Batistini Farms Harvest Olive Oil Workers First Female

Did you know our farms in Italy were one of the first to have female workers?

Batistini Farms Olive Oil True Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Reusable Recyclable Olive Seeds Batistini Farms
At Batistini Farms, everything we do is reusable and recyclable. The picture above displays crushed olive seeds, which can be used for renewable energy. 
Batistini Farms Olives Fresh True Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Here, we have a short clip of our Italian friend, Mimi. Many of you may recognize our Mimi Olive Oil, which we have named after our dear friend. Although we didn't capture the full conversation, he explains the importance of having an "eye," or an opening in the center of the olive trees. This allows the fruits of the trees to fully capture the sunlight, and the benefits it has to offer.
Batistini Farms Olive Oil Valley Look over View of Italy

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